A Day on the Lake

There is so much more to Lake Erie than just swimming or fishing. And it is not just a small body of water that only extends a few miles. Lake Erie may not be the biggest of the Lakes, but it does cover quite a bit of Northern¬† Ohio. And it is one of the greatest things about Ohio and not just for those of us who live here. Lake Erie brings in tourists from all over the world. To me, it is just the Lake. I grew up here so to me Lake Erie is the norm. I don’t think of it as an attraction to others, but apparently, it is.

I guess I take it for granted because there are many times I never stop to actually take a look at the Lake. But when I am behind my camera and looking through the lens, it is amazing the stuff I finally notice. Views that I actually see. The colors of the clouds. The Water. The horizon. People. Boats. Birds. Scenery. Just the overall beauty of Lake Erie.

The photos below show only a small part of the personality of Lake Erie. People fishing, boats heading towards their destination, Cedar Point the background, the docks that house the local’s boats, seagulls trying to catch food in the wake of the boats. Lake Erie definitely has a personality. I am lucky to live near it.



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