No matter how often you photograph clouds, it is constantly changing. It makes photographing the sky a challenge and yet, rewarding. The formation of the clouds are constantly changing so there is always something new to see. You just have to look upward.

Aside from the bugs and spiderwebs that I like to photograph, the sky is another. Rather it is a sunset, sunrise, birds, or just the clouds, I often times can be found with my head up, eyes on the sky, and the camera at the ready.  Often times, even when the camera is not in my hands I look at the sky.  Constantly telling my husband ( who is driving) to look at the sky. Look at the cloud!! Oh look! Beautiful sky!

I am sure it drives him crazy. Along with the fact that when they are sky events going on I tend to make a big deal out of it. Oh! An eclipse at 4 a.m…… time to get the kids up!!! Meteor shower in middle of night? School night? ppfftt…. get up everyone and lets go outside. Can’t see the meteor shower to good from here, so lets load up and drive out to country so we can see better.

I am sure I drive him crazy. But he still takes me out to photograph clouds and sunsets so here are a few from recent trips:

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