Sandusky River 2016

While we have beautiful Lake Erie here in Northwest Ohio we also have the lesser known, not a tourist attraction, Sandusky River. As a child I fished in this river. I swam in this river. I boated and skied on this river. I grew up on the Sandusky River. So when I get the chance to get out to the river….. it brings back memories and pieces of my childhood that are in the past.

It may be “just a river.” And this river maybe disgusting and nasty, and I would never in a million years jump into this river like I did when I was a kid… I mean, WTF was I thinking?!?!? But the river is still a piece of my childhood. A piece of who I was that played  a hand in who I am today. And while there isn’t much to photograph as far as “water” because there is really anything along the river but fisherman and rocks I do still enjoy the river. The view. The memories.

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