Works Of Fire

I work a lot, and I mean A LOT. I very rarely get the opportunity to enjoy the fireworks on Independence Day. This year however, I did get the chance to go up to the Port Clinton, and sit by the lake for their 4th of July celebration.

I like night photography, but being relatively new to photography in general, I usually end up using the “automatic” setting because I just don’t have the “chops” to shoot in manual mode. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) once we found our spot, I soon realized that I had only brought my Prime lens with me, and Prime means all manual mode. I’ve been shooting exclusively with Prime lenses since last fall as a way to force myself to manually adjust my settings; no help from the camera. After a brief panic attack I got my bearings, and decided I’d just have to “make do” with what I had. As the time got closer I took a few practice shots of the sky to make sure that it would show up as “black”, I set the focal length to infinite, adjusted the aperture, and slowed the shutter speed down a tad.

This was my first attempt at shooting in manual mode at night, and with the added challange of trying to “guess” exactly where each explosion would be, this turned out to be a great exercise in night photography. Additionally, since you can’t zoom in or out with a Prime lens, framing was a bit of an issue too. I took quite a few shots because I had to worry about the timing, and framing, of each one, but overall im pretty happy with most of what I have to show; the “other worldly” look of some of these really surprised me.

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