A Bird Named Clyde

Brad and I had a few hours to ourselves, so we took a walk down by the river. There wasn’t too much going on but we did get to relax a little bit, which was nice. On our way back there was a little bird on the path up ahead of us, coming towards us. We both stopped and I began taking pics, thinking I better get some while I can before he flies away.

He just looked at me.

Inch a little closer, still snapping photos; he just looks at me.

I stop.

He takes a few more steps towards me.

I take a few steps. He cocks his head and looks at me.

In the end, the bird came right up to me, allowing me to photograph him all I want. He even let me get down on the round and get a better angle.

I named him Clyde.

Eventually I had to walk away from him and head back to the jeep.

No he wasn’t hurt; Brad seem him fly down and land on the path. Apparently, he just wanted to play with a human!

And I am pretty sure he flew away and told all his “bird” friends about the encounter. Word must have gotten around because later that same night, a bat made an unwanted visit into the house. Guess he just wanted to play too.


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