Virginia Beach: The Road

Virginia beach is gorgeous…. however, the drive is long, tedious, and boring. So, to keep myself entertained I had my camera in hand and I took photographs. From the car. On the way home. They are not the best, but I had 10 hours to kill so this is what I did. I photographed. Everything. From the construction zone orange cones to the clouds. I will spare  you all the pictures.  I mean, everyone has seen the bright orange barrels on the highways.

That being said, here are the pics from the road trip. While actually, on the road. Even through a cpl of me taking a photo of myself,  because lets face it (and the proof are in the pics), there are only so many scenes from the passenger seat. After an hour, all the trees, mountains, clouds, cars, and roads look alike. Needed to spice things up a bit.

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