Life’s Journey

On a recent outing with Amanda I was lucky enough to be passing by an old train station as a train was going by. I quickly pulled over, grabbed my Nikon, and started taking some pictures. The sky was incredibly blue that day, while the clouds were slightly grey on their undersides. This made for some surreal looking skies once I applied the black and white effect in post.

I like these three images because (to me) they represent three very different stages of life: “Where I’m Going”, “Where I’m At”, and “Where I’ve Been”.

While they are all part of the same journey, they each have their very own distinct feel; excitement or uncertainty as you move forward into the unknown, the feeling of comfort that comes from just being in a familiar surroundings, and the nostalgia that comes from looking back at where you once were.

One thought on “Life’s Journey

  • August 10, 2015 at 11:01 AM

    I rode the trains all the time as a child. Lovely way to travel. Brings back many precious memories of Nanny.


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