Mohican State Park

Well my camera finally arrived! So whats an amateur-photo-taking-family to do? Why plan a trip to one of Ohio’s most impressive state parks of course! My results were less than spectacular, but I got some hands-on experience with my nifty little Nikon. I shot everything in Manual Mode, quite a different game than shooting in Auto Mode, but what’s the point in having a fancy DSLR if you’re going to use it like simple little “point & shoot” anyway?

We hiked the North Rim Trail, it didn’t really offer any of the spectacular views I was expecting, but there were plenty of things for us to photograph along the way… although I didn’t do it all that well. Plenty of good times to be had here, hopefully we can make a full weekend out of it the next time. (I stole the up-tree shot from one that I’d seen Amanda take before, so credit where credit is due.)

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